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1995 sl500
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I have a 1995 sl500 I've being feeling this slight movement at the center of the steering wheel as if the steering column bearings where worn away. Is there a repair kit for the column bearings or could there be anything else. I've tried to found the kit but I need a part number. I also have the same problem with the drivers seat, when I accelerate the seat feels as if it slightly moved backwards the same when I break moves forward. Is there a repair kit for that?

Thank you

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I don't think you need parts to replace.
Looks like someone did repairs and didn't adjust things right.

You have to take the steering wheel and check/ adjust the shaft.
Remember that is very easy to do more damage, and you have an air bag
in there.

On the seat they have screws that are hart to get too.
Remove the seat pad in order to see what is wrong, you will need
I think is a 27 or 30 torx bit.
You have to play with the seat to get access to the screws, very tight.
I never said it was easy.

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