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1999 E55 AMG Silver, Blk/Gry Leather, Mandrus rims
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So, I am the proud new owner of a 99 E55. :) Take delivery tomorrow.

Does anyone have a source for replacement steering wheel cover? Mine is the two tone blk/white. (I can install.)

The car has Mandrus Regenmeister rims with Kumho SPT tires - 19", staggered setup. Rims are clean, no road rash or blems, 3 months road time. Tires are 80% fronts, 70% rear (even, normal wear).

I will sell wheel/tire package, or prefer to trade for stock AMG monoblocks, replicas, Brabus BR6 replicas, or ? (Will add or take cash as appropriate).

Shipping is not an issue, and I can arrange pickup on your end.

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