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E220 1994
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After reading lots of post, I finally cured the squeak on turning the steering to both extreme.

I presume this is resulted from the over-pressure valve of the steering box opened during extreme end and shunt the fluid back to the reservoir. However, if the flow from the reservoir back to the sterring box is not fast enough (because of clogged sterring pump filter) , a squeak resulted and the reservoir will overflow despite the level is correct.

1) open the reservoir cover
2) siphon the dirty old steering oil with a syringe
3) 10mm wrench to unbolt the nut on top of the plastic level column
4) The old disc like filter is right under the plastic column
5) Siphon out the residual oil
6) Pour new filter and oil
7) Jack up both front wheel and Switch on car
8) Turn steering wheel left and right to extreme and hold there 2-3 seconds. Repeat 5 times
9) The reservior fluid will look dirty again as old fluid is flushed back from the steering box.
10) STop the engine and siphon out oil, add new oil
11) repeat step 8) till the oil in reservoir looks clearer.
(These steps avoid unbolt the hose which seems too messy and a lot for me)
It may takes 2L of new oil. Total 15 minutes job.
The old filter looks black inside and the old fluid is dark brown!!

The squeak all gone on turning the wheel to extreme and the steering wheel goes a bit smoother on driving.

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