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Steering shock

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Hi. As you may have noticed, I'm new here, so I hope I'm not off topic.
My question is:

does anyone have done it or know how to change a steering shock in a 1999 Clk and how hard is it?

Many thanks
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What's wrong with it ?

The recirculating ball set up for the CLK is similar to others. See pic :


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Re: Thanks for your help, but....

Shimmy, could be bad tires and alignment. I would look into this first since the steering damper doesn't break that easily and should last a very long time.

If you still want to replace it, it should be pretty easy. Just have the car up on a lift and it should be pretty obvious how to remove and replace.

Good luck.

What wheels did you put ?

What is the size and offset of the rim. What are the tire specs.

Did this problem occur before you put the wheels in ?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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