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Steering shock

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Hi. As you may have noticed, I'm new here, so I hope I'm not off topic.
My question is:

does anyone have done it or know how to change a steering shock in a 1999 Clk and how hard is it?

Many thanks
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Thanks for your help, but....

Maybe I wasn't clear on the first post. The thing is that I fell a shimmy when the car is rolling at low speed and all the vibrations are transmited to the whole car. Also with the car stopped and with the steering wheel almost all turned in either direction, there is a big slack (I'm not sure if it is the right word). One dealer told me that it might be the steering dumper.... I really don't know what it may be. Any ideas are welcomed. Thank you all
Thanks Frank

The tires are brand new (s-03)as well as the rims. Anyway I'll have them recalibrated. Any ideas about the slack on the wheel steering.

Thanks again
Modest wheels...

I changed to a modest 245/45/17 (front and rear)[:(]. Here in Portugal if we want to go further than what comes from factory we have to change all the car documents (a real pain...)and have to be certified by authorities. Actually the wheels are an AMG III 7.5 x 17 ET 37 with 245/45 tires.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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