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This weekend I'm tackling the steering damper replacement and idler bushing rebuilt kit. I'm also changing the oil tube inside the head. Is the idler bushing hard to replaced? I have search the forum and came with no straight forward detail. I understand the heat shield for the starter has to come off to clear the bolt. I see some ownerS stating that the arm has to come off to replace the bushing, and why is that? Can anyone provide more detail? If I can't fix this my wife asking me to sell it and go buy a lexus. I won't have any problem on the tube or damper but the idler is giving me doubt.

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I've done the idler bushing replacement, and yes its rather straight forward,
and yes, you need to remove the shield above. I did not have to remove the arm
itself (yes, I'm on a M119 too). You should be able to wiggle the old bushes out
by the bolt, and press the new ones in with the bolt. It is a tiresome position to
work the spanners in, and I got one falling into my eye... Do not be tempted to put
the bolt in from below on the new one.

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