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1985 300SD with a bad transmission and a 1985 300SD with a good transmission
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Since I've started this thread the problem has evolved:

In addition to the OP in the linked thread I now get a weird and violent shake when my speed is above 45 and I'm going straight. If I turn the steering wheel 10-15 degrees to the left it will go away and I have to turn it a little bit more to the right to get it to go away.

Example: going straight down a highway at about 60 it'll shake violently in the steering. If I take an exit at 50-60 as soon as my wheel turns that 10-15 degrees the shake is completely gone and it's like riding on a cloud again.

In addition to that, if I'm going straight I can jerk the steering wheel back and forth and sometimes the shake will go away and stay away until I either slow down or hit a bump. The faster I'm going the better my results have been with this maneuver.

I'm going to update the OP in the linked thread with the above and a link to this thread. Thanks again for reading!
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