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Steering issue HELP

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Hello guys, on my 190e I have this weird issue that is kind of hard to describe, but I will try my best. The steering wheel does not return to center normally.

When I turn my wheel half a turn (180 degrees) it will come back to center, but very reluctantly, and not allways all the way.

When I turn 3/4 of a turn (270 degrees) it wont return at all.

When I turn one whole rotation or more, it will go to full lock by itself. The more speed I have, the faster it turns, just like if it was going to center, but the opposite.

There is no binding of any sort, the steering is not overly heavy while turning while stationary, so the pump is working. There is no jerking, the wheels wont turn by themselves while stationary. Which probably means the steering dome is not the issue.

When I am backing up, the steering wheel wants to center itself. Which is sort of like my caster is completely backwards. There is also no pulling to side while going strai even on bumps at speeds of 120kmh or more.

So all of it points to alignment issues. However, the car is freshly aligned,
0 toe
-2,1 degree camber
9,5 degree caster

ALL of the suspension bushings and joints are new. Steering fluid and filter are also new. New brakes up front, new fluid also. All 4 wheel bearings are new. The bushing are polyurethane, the car has been lowered slightly by previous owner, the spring and struts are shorter. I have put on new camber plates on top of struts, but the issue at hand was there before this. The tires are old and worn out, but I cant imagine them causing issue like this. I dont want to put on expensive new tires while the problem is there.

I have not seen anything like this before, can anyone help?
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