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Steering Fluid Change 2000 E320

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This might be an easy question, but how do I change/replace the steering fluid on a 2000 E320? I know where the steering fluid housing is with the dip stick level check as the cover.

I am hearing minor squeaking noises when I turn the wheel in either direction at low speeds or stationary. The steering fluid change may not eliminate the noise, but I figured it wouldn't hurt. I have checked the fluid level and it is at max level.
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i just suction out the reservoir as much as i can then replace the fluid since its a newer car and not much contaminants in the fluid, for later/older cars which has a lot of fluid contamination you have to disconnect the Power Steering reservoir hose and drain for there.
harb - 2/1/2005 10:16 AM


Do you just use a regular suction to get the fluid out? According to specs, the reservoir holds about 1.3 quarts of steering fluid. Could that all be suctioned out - or most of it? I am assuming that using MB Steering Fluid is a must!
I use a regular suction device from a local car part store. You can almost completely suction out the reservoir P.S. Fluid using this method(95%), the remaining fluid in the P.S. pressure lines/system wont have a negative effect(you shouldnt worry about this as there is very minimal amount of old fluid left).....Harb, continue to observe the "squeeking" noise, are you sure it is from the P.S. pump? Considering your car's year and mileage im assuming you P.S. pump is still good. It is possible that the Steering Wheel could be causing this noise......BTW, it is normal for all P.S. system to create some noise especially when you do a Max. Full left/right turn.....Id use OEM MB P.S. Fluid only.
I had the Steering noise before(high pitched Squeeling noise-NOT Squeeking),it seems like there is some contact between the leather or MB Vinyl between the Dash and the steering column which causes this high pitch squeeling. My Fix: I used a Large Sized Screwdriver(wrapped with cloth to protect the leather) to slowly slide in between area where the Dash and the Steering Column meets to WIDEN IT A BIT- i did this throughout the whole circumference of the steering wheel column area. Saturate the cloth with some WD40 or Armour All(this will serve as a lubricant between the leather to decrease contact/friction)[:)].....Harb, Pls inspect your Steering Wheel column as well, our W210s had some issues with this.
i just use a clean oversized medical syringe(without the needle)from my clinic[:D]....or go to your local Autozone/PEP boys and get a simple universal liquid suction device or a Mighty Vac-Brake Bleeder ($30)- also handy for brake vacuum bleeding.
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