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Steering Fluid Change 2000 E320

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This might be an easy question, but how do I change/replace the steering fluid on a 2000 E320? I know where the steering fluid housing is with the dip stick level check as the cover.

I am hearing minor squeaking noises when I turn the wheel in either direction at low speeds or stationary. The steering fluid change may not eliminate the noise, but I figured it wouldn't hurt. I have checked the fluid level and it is at max level.
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My 2000 E320 with 41,538 exact miles also has the steering wheel squeek. I also have to drive it for about half an hour or more until the squeeking starts. I took it to my local dealer, they said it was a dry boot and just needed some lubrication. After a couple of days the squeek is back again. I haven't tried to flush out the power steering fluid, have you tried it already? I just hope this is not a rack and pinion problem, I am not looking forward to paying for that. [V]
They didn't physically show me where the dry boot is, but according to them it is located just behind the firewall where the steering column is located and they added that it is very difficult to get too.
Let me know how your power steering fluid change went and if it solved the problem. If that fixes it I will flush mine right away and if I can't find a suction device I'll just sip that fluid out there with a straw. I just want that noise to go away so bad I don't care if it kills me.[:(!]
Hey Harb I'm right behind you, I will do some researching myself too and keep you posted when I find a fix. You do the same for me.
Hey Harb, Glad to hear yours disappeared. Now I'm kinda hoping mine would too.
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