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Steering feels sloppy

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Hello everyone
I have been slowly putting my E420 back into proper safe driving conditions. I have just put brand new tires one it (bridgestones) and replaced the center link, center damper, tie rods both ends and got the car aligned but I still feel like theres something a bit off. At highway speeds I am constantly correcting the steering and the wheel feels a bit loose when just playing with the wheel a bit at a light or driving slowly I was hoping maybe someone might have some better knowledge about this.
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Sounds like the alignment job was not done properly. Make sure they use a spreader bar with the suspension under load.
I didnt even think about that I was just happy to get my car back on the road after all the work I did. I took drive around and notice that the steering wheel sits a bit to the left when keeping the car straight down the road so I'll be going back to get my alignment dealt with if you guys have any other clues to what it may also be let me know. I'd end up checking on it just for my own conscious.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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