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steering controls on a 2005 w203 / Kenwood DNX8120

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My Kenwood DNX8120 is on its way. I want to use my steering controls with this hu. I just want to be sure i buy the correct parts in order to do this. Ive looked it up, but still not 100% certain. Will the Pac-swi jack and the pac-swi can work for my car. On the pac website it says 02-04 or other w203's with similar plugs.

Has anyone used these parts before on a 05 w203 or know if it will work?

has anyone used the CAW-MB1500 for their steering controls? This is the part Kenwood offers, but i cant seem to find a seller anywhere in the US??

any advice, suggestions??

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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