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Stealth Hitches Customer Reviews!!!

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Greetings BenzWorld!

We will be posting Mercedes customer reviews for our hitch with photos and insights to our product! We hope you all find this to be a helpful resource. Feel free to respond to the thread with any questions you may have as we would love to assist you. You may also contact us via live chat on our website calling us toll-free at 833-MYHITCH (694-4824) or emailing [email protected]. These reviews can be found on our website as well!

Stealth Hitches
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Our First Mercedes Review from Aran B. for the GLE!

"My hitch

Excellent... great service and steath hitches were the only ones to custom make one for my vehicle..."

The photo shows a loaded bike rack connected to our rack connector inserted into the Stealth Hitch.

Thank you, Aran B.!


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Anonymous Review

"Mercedez GLC43 AMG - works great

Great hitch. The body shop associated with my local Mercedes dealership installed it for ~$375 and it works great. I only installed the physical hitch and not the electrical connections as I intend to only use this for carrying bikes or a cargo carrier. The hitch connection is nicely concealed when not in use and it's easy to connect the receiver, which is then solid and holds a bike rack securely with good clearance."
GLC Review from Chris G.

"Great hitch

Love that the hitch is hidden from view when not in use. Hitch is of very high quality and was shipped quickly. I've received other hitches in the past that were bent and scratched due to the weight and poor packaging. This hitch was packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition. My only complaint is that the installation instructions (included) did not accurately reflect the fasteners on my Mercedes GLC300 so I had to figure out how to remove the bumper on my own. I assume that there were some changes from a prior model year which were not reflected in the instructions, Stealth Hitch is otherwise an excellent product which I would highly recommend."

The first photo shows the Stealth Hitch installed, no accessories attached. The second shows the rack connector inserted into the hitch.

Great photos and review. Thank you, Chris G.!!


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GLK Review from Steven A.

"Best 2" Hitch for Mercedes GLK AND It Vanishes

Our GLK factory 1.25" hitch couldn't handle the larger rack required to carry our Cycletes. Tried aftermarket 2" hitches and was disappointed with quality, fit and function UNTIL we found the Stealth Hitch. Now we have a solid, level 2" hitch that works perfectly carrying our Cycletes. The Stealth feature was a welcome bonus as the 2" does look a bit ungainly when not carrying our Cycletes. To top it off the product is made in USA by a responsive company shipping directly giving those that choose to buy one excellent value! Thanks Steve - Job well done!"

The first two photos show the rack connector inserted into the Stealth Hitch. The third photo shows a loaded bike rack connected to the rack connector.

Thank you for the positive review and photos, Steven A.!


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GLC Review from Dominic M.

"Highest end hitch but at the price of the eyesores.

I purchased a new Mercedes, I couldn't imagine strapping a xmas tree to the top or hauling stuff to recycling. I knew I needed a hitch to use a cargo carrier or pull a trailer but also couldn’t imagine putting a big eyesore of a hitch on the back of this high end sports car. I found the Stealth hitch online and took a chance with my $70,000 baby. The Mercedes dealer said they would put it on because it instals exactly like the Mercedes factory eyesore. Everything went perfect and when I am not hauling, the esthetics of my car are the way the designer intended. Side benefits are; no hitting your shins on the hitch receiver when your loading items and because the hitch receiver doesn’t stay in permanently, it doesn’t rust to the point you can’t even slide something in it. The price is similar, even if I had a Ford truck I would want this hitch."

The first photo shows the Stealth Hitch installed, no accessories attached. The second photo shows our rack connector inserted into the hitch.

Thank you for the photos and great review, Dominic M.!!!


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Anonymous GLA Review

"Mercedes GLA 250

Hitch is great - you can really see anything and day to day put on and take off is easy. Instructions could be better. Certified/promoted installation locations are scarce still - would have loved to have a place nearer to have it done. Many places don’t know or don’t want to install the hitch with references to liability which I can’t really understand. They also said they would need 4+ for the work which would have cost around 500$ installation fee only. The flat fee of $250 at the certified location was definitely a peace of mind choice but again too few around - hope the network grows soon! Otherwise great product! It would be five stars if installation would be more conveniently available."

The first photo shows the Stealth Hitch installed, no accessories attached. The second photo shows the rack connector inserted into the hitch. The third is an underneath view of our stainless-steel latch block.

We are continually growing our installer relationships, and we appreciate the positive and constructive review!


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Anonymous GLC Review

"GLC300 4Matic 2018

Great product, easy to install. My GLC300 looks great as before installation. Hitch is 100% stealth."
Anonymous GLC Review

"GLC 43 AMG Coupe

Extreme surprise how the hitch gets hidden and how easy it's to install. Great product, great looks... or not!!!!! :)"

The first photo shows the Stealth Hitch installed, no accessories attached. The second and third photos show the rack connector inserted into the hitch.


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Anonymous GLC Review

"Exactly what I wanted
Easy order, expedient shipping, simple packaging and instruction. I couldn’t be happier with the hitch."
GLK250 Review from Gary N.

2015 Mercedes GLK 250 Bluetek

"Hitch is very nice, well made, pretty straightforward to install. Final installation is indeed stealthy.

I do have a couple of comments about the installation. One point about removing bumper is that directly under the tail lights are a crushable plastic mounting part. A guy that has a video on YouTube stated you have to remove the two nuts that hold this on to remove the bumper which is very difficult because this is mounted to the car prior to the bumper going on. This is not true as the bumper will separate from the part, but there are 4 or 5 fingers that have to be released for the bumper to come off. Not impossible, but I think they are designed to not come apart once assembled. I used a large screw driver that I twisted to lift the plastic while pressing the finger down until the lip disengaged.

Second recommendation is the power source. Instructions require running a wire underneath the full length of the car and attaching to the battery. The GLK has a secondary fuse block under the rear floor that has numerous open fuse slots. I suggest utilizing one of those with a fuse tap for the power. Fuse 89 is for the factory trailer hitch."

Thank you Gary N.! We appreciate your tips and input on your installation experience!
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EClass Wagon review from Stealth H.

Fantastic product and great service

The hitch is completely invisible when not installed on my Mercedes wagon. Plugging in the receiver is very quick and easy. I can have bikes on the car in just a few minutes.

I had the hitch installed at the Stealth Hitches headquarters outside of Atlanta and the service there was excellent as well. Steve gave me a short demo of the product and I was on my way.

Thank you Stealth H.! We are happy to hear you had a great experience at our Sugar Hill site!
GLC300 Review from Tom P.

Stealth Hitch on 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC300

Stealth Hitches company was very helpful in selecting the correct parts for my vehicle, with any questions I had and with help resolving concerns. The parts arrived VERY well packaged and are superb quality. The instructions for installation could use improvement but I was able to figure it out. If you are not good in the workshop, this one might be better to leave for an experienced shop to install for you.

Overall, very pleased.

Thank You Steve . . .

Thank you Tom P.!

This photo shows a side view of Tom P.'s GLC of the Stealth Hitch installed with ball mount and trailer attached and ready for adventure!


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GLC63 Review from James Y.

Great aftermarket hitch for AMG
After searching several months for an aftermarket hitch for my Mercedes-AMG GLC63, I finally came across Stealth Hitches. I emailed and called to discuss my needs, and Steve (CEO) called back same day to verify fitment for my car. Talk about great customer service! Based on this, I placed the order and it was delivered, and installed by a recommended installer (Mann’s in Bellevue, WA) who was also terrific. I was concerned about messing up my expensive new car, but the install was very well done and now I have a custom hitch which works perfectly on my GLC. I could not happier with the service, order process, and installation. The hitch itself is SOLID, and the ability to detach it from the car is very slick. I highly recommend Stealth Hitches!

Thank you James Y. for your awesome review! We are happy to hear installation went well and wish you happy hitch adventures!

The two pictures show a rear view of James' AMG GLC63 with the Stealth Hitch installed and rack receiver attached; and a close-up side view of the rack receiver inserted into the Stealth Hitch.


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GLC Anonymous Review

great hitch

Had it installed at a MB dealership for 2 hours of labor. looks great!
E Class Wagon Review from Todd B.


Purchased the hitch for my Wife's bike use. Mercedes dealer did the install and raved about the ease of install

Call us a very happy customer!

Thank you Todd for your review! Glad to hear all went well!
Our facility is in Sugar Hill, Ga and we charge $300.00 for the installation
GL450 Review from Chuck H.

Great experience

Because of a factory installed option, I could not install a conventional hitch on my Mercedes GL 450. Thank goodness, because my Stealth Hitch out performs and is out-of-sight when not in use. The team at Stealth Hitch were great to work with, and I highly recommend them.

Thank you Chuck for your review! Whether you are towing or going for a biking experience we wish you happy adventures and smooth towing!
E Class Coupe Review from Aaron H.

Best Thing EVER!

Love you guys! Great product, better people!!

Thank you, Aaron, for your review! We love that you love your Stealth Hitch!!
CLS550 Review from Todd H.

$70,000 mercedes Hitch!

Guys, I have a Merdeces. I am also a former professional Jet Ski Champion. I turned 57 and decided I wanted to get back into racing. I want to travel to the races in the comfort of my sedan. However, puttig an ugly trailer hitch on the back would be ugly. I installed the STEALTH and it is completely invisible!! Its super high quality, the install went perfectly per their instructions (although I paid a pro to do it) and its simply awesome. Every now and then a product moves me to comment and this is it. I absolutely love this hitch and highly highly recommend it!! PS This is a real review. T. Hanson-Texas

Thank you Todd H. for your review! We are so happy you are pleased with your Stealth Hitch and wish you much luck in your racing!:smile
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