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I have a 2017 450GLS 4matic that has an Active Curve System option. I want to install a trailer hitch. The dealer wants some crazy amount $4000. I have found an option with a stealth hitch, but there still seems to be two questions:

1. Will the Active Curve System interfere with the installation. The Curt trailer hitch for 450 specifically states … Hitch does not fit models with Active Curve system.

2. Will the brake system wiring cause a false "light out" message of the 450 message window?

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The Stealth Hitch can be installed on the vehicles with the Active Curve System. No issues!
Our system does not cause a false "light out" message.
We hope this information helps. Please feel free to call 1800-MYHITCH (694-4834) and ask for Richard if you have any further questions :)
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