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1979 450 SL
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Hi All,

When I bought my 79 450sl, it had sat for sometime (a few months). When I went to start it, it would fire, idle for 2 seconds and die.

I figured out that if I disconnected the primary and return fuel lines and cranked it over a few times, reconnected them, the car would start and run fine.

It has been sitting w/o startup for the last month while I attend to the body work. When I went to start it yesterday, same thing...start and die. When I disconnected the fuel lines, cranked it over and then reconnected them, it ran fine. Puzzling...

Is it getting some type of vapor lock while it sits for a few weeks preventing fuel flow?

What do you guys think it might be?



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Since it's been sitting for a while, I would suspect the fuel and / or filter. You may have varnish in your tank that is plugging things up, and starving you out.

Some people have said that adding Sta-Bil to the fuel will not only keep it usable longer, but will clean up varnish and deposits when it' s let sit a while.

The way do it right is to drain the tank, clean it out and replace the fuel filter.

This is just a suggestion of one possibility for your particular problem, I hope it can help someone, sometime.

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