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Starting Problem

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Dear members

I purchased brand new C200 Mercedes Sedan in 2019 and to date, for more than 03 years 4 months, it has run only less than 3500km and has following problem for last 6 months. usually I use this vehicle, once a week, for running about less 10km.
  1. if vehicle is not run for more than one day , 24 hours, it usually starts without any issue.
  2. if we run vehicle for about 1-1.5 hours, and stop and start engine for few times during this period, engine will not start for in the 3rd or 4th time.
  3. the Local Mercedes Agent scanned the vehicle and informed that there is no problem with 12 Vault battery.
  4. According to them vehicle has a 45 V battery and engine required some power from this battery for starting of the Engine. But, vehicle did not start, in situations,when the engine did not get required voltage/current from this 45 V battery.
  5. according to the local agent, it is required to replace this 45V battery and charging unit and Price of the Battery very high
it is possible to know:

  1. why this happen
  2. whether it is possible to correct the problem without replacing the battery and other unit
please send your reply to email and WhatsApp given below


Uditha Atapattu
No. 403, Negombo Road, Nittambuwa
Sri Lanka
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The fact that they want to replace both the battery and the charger system means to me that they don't really know what the problem is and just want you to pay to replace everything.

So, either ask them what specifically what the problem is, or try to find an independent specialist on hybrid batteries.
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