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1988 300CE
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See below. After replacing the ignition switch, which didn't help at all, I replaced the Neutral Safety Switch and the car started right up.


I went out to start my car and though all the lights, guages, power accessories, lights, etc. work, when I turn the ignition switch to start, nothing click, no starter, nothing! I banged on the starter a little to no avail.; decided to take it off to test it; it tested somewhat bad-the bendix was coming out about half way; anyway, didn't want to put the old one back in; replaced it-didn't help. The car has a new alternator, voltage regulator, wires are fairly new, plugs are fairly new. Went out the next morning and the battery was dead, but I left the hood partially up, so maybe drained it. I tried jumping it and again everything worked, except the starter. I ordered a new ignition switch and neutral safety switch which I will install (I don't mind putting new parts on because I want to keep the car.). What is bugging me is I can't find on Alldata or elsewhere anything about a starter relay? Is there a relay called something else that provides this function for the starter? Thanks for any replies.
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