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starter problem?

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We've had a problem with the battery going dead on our MB. I parked our 560 SEC for a week and went out to start it, the battery was low and all I got was the click, click of the solenoid. I went back a day or two later to jump start it and got nothing. Charged the battery and tried again, nothing. We replaced the neutral safety switch a year ago so I'm thinking that isn't it. Is it possible the alarm system could disable the starting circuit? Other ideas?
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Did you try start the car with a new battery or sharing battery with any car??
I did try jumping from a portable battery, I didn't pull the battery, thought that the battery could be a problem. Is that what you're thinking?

The engine is running, but it couldn't Start!! It's like this??


Check the "Similar Threads" in the end of this page...It may help you_^
easy enough to try. I'll post the result.
As "NZ Benz" said the W126 section well help you more!!!

if your car have alarm system may be the problem form it Or may be from cut off

Don't get annoyed early:( ..This the normal life with M-B :p

Good Luck !!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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