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starter dead

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my starter clicks but doesn't turn and the lights dim when i try to start it. If I Hit it with a hammer it will turn but disengages before I can get it to start.
I've replaced many starters but not a MB Diesel. Any tricks or tips before I climb under it to pull it out?
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yeah they are a bitch to get out you need a breaker bar. better take a new starter to your favorite indy with a lift and let them do it unless you have a lift and are hurcules.
so i hear the top bolt (hex ) is the one that's difficult.
MBZ300CD - 2/1/2005 10:58 PM

I've done this 3, three, did I say THREE times[xx(] I had the same symptoms the first and second time. I use a #10 allen socket with a #10 box end rachet wrench on it to turn it. This is for the upper allen. For the bottom I use a standard "L" shaped allen with a box end on it as kind of a breaker bar to loosen it up. The last time I did it I got an estimate from the local indy MB mechanic. He wanted $450, 2 hrs labor @$75 and $300 for the starter. I bought one on line about $100, rebuilt Bosch, free delivery and I had a coupon. I timed my self and it took me 50 minutes, but then I've done it 3 times, three. The first time because the one that was in it when I got the car was a non turbo and was dying. The second because the first rebuilt bosch was a bad one[xx(] and the third three years later, all on the same car.[8D]

The first time was the worst[xx(] a real b&%#ch[:D] but I did save a lot of $$$$
i'm assuming he's got a 300D turbo. ??

$300 for a starter?? - you need to find a new indy that one is a rip-off artiste...
iwas talking about stemple's car- which not stated what model.

yeah u need the heavy duty starter.
stemple - 2/2/2005 2:17 PM

sokoloff - 2/1/2005 9:57 PM

What model? 240D can come out from below in about 10 minutes. 300D is quite a bit tougher to do.

its a 240d
I just picked up the starter
what kind of starter? some folks have said that the heavy duty bosch makes 240's start easier.
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