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Startech 2005 North Carolina MB get together

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Anyone attending Startech 2005 taking place in Durham, NC April 22-24,2005? Great location and lots of MBs and enthusiasts... Hope to see some of you there[:)]
Call 919-401-9861 for information and entry form..
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When are they going to chash my check. I sent it 4 weeks ago.

Wife and I will be driving from Memphis. It is a 3 day event, April 22 to April 24. Call this number for more information 919-401-9861.

Star Tech is a member only event. If you would like to join MBCA, the 1-year fee is $45 bucks, but a 2-year is $87 and a 3-year is $127. You may get a 10% discount on parts and labor at your dealership. This discount may apply to the purchases of tee shirts and other MB items at the dealership. Some of the MB repair shops may give you a discount for being a MBCA member.

Star Tech Fees
$95 if you attend the technical sessions. This fee also includes the dinner and social.
$35 if you want the offical Star Tech 2005 polo shirt
$40 if your spouse wants to attend to the dinner,but not the tech sessions.
$35 if your spouse wants to attend to the social gathering, but not the tech sessions.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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