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Good Day,

I have a 2007 B200T with approx 108,000 km's on it. IT was purchased used from a dealer and is currently under a star certified warranty.

I recently had a scheduled service performed (oil change, spark plug replacement) at the dealer.

Upon picking up the car I was informed that the transmission mount part # 169-240-12-18 is leaking oil (vibration dampening mount I suspect) I have observered a couple of oil spots in the driveway on occasion so I do not dispute thier findings.

My question is, have any other B200 owners with the autotronic (CVT) transmission had to replace this mount and was it covered under the Star Certified Warranty ? I am of the belief that this should be considered a powertrain item and covered. However, the dealer is telling me that it is not a covered item.

Any input would be greatly appreceiated.


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I guess Star Certified and ELW are different then, because ELW covers all that, seals included, to 160K km.

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My ELW is 7 years or 160K km.

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I feel that you should have a good case.

Try discussing it with the regional rep and read the "fine print" as to what is not covered in this warranty. They take your money........and then the games begin........

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To be honest, this is the first and last benz we will own.

My wife purchased this vehicle under the pretense that it was a star certified vehicle. Then, we had issues with the rear hatch (2 times) and on closer inspection we found numerous problems, including over spray on the underside of the car, the front had also been repainted. Tires wore out in 4000KM, MB Canada assinged a rep to try and cover for dealer and help us at the same time.

I think the thing was in an accident prior but - I cant prove it was, they cant prove it was not.

MB Canada spent a pile of money on the car (including repainting) trying to satisfy us. We also were informed at time of purchase that the standard warranty was a year longer then the MB service records show. We then received a letter from the dealer after the fact saying here is your updated bill of sale with the correct warranty period. ( a year less than what we were paying for ) need less to say we are not impressed and had to get a special letter from MB Canada that really does not mean jack.

I have all documentation, emails, and photo's to prove this ( So does OMVIC )

Long story short - its been a real pissing match. We finally got tired battling and have just driven the thing thinking that the Star Certified warranty would help. Now the dealer indicates that transmission mount is not covered.

Should have bought her a Ford. My F150's warranty claims (the few I had in the past 15 years on four trucks are never questioned or denied)

Its too bad - my wife loves the B itself, but its a love hate relationship.

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Would a carfax not show accidents? I got one with my B, but don't remember if it shows all types of accidents.

What about talking to an insurance agent? You should be able to search for claims based on VIN, I don't know.

Tell me more about the hatch problems. I had a clunk that a dealer tech fixed - it was loose insulation I was told, but sounded more a loose harness. Ohter people have had problems with the w/w nozzle hose coming off.

Back on topic...I'd def. consider a mount part of the powertrain, because a bad mount can damage some p/t components, or at lease make them wear faster (CV shafts/joints).

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In my case the warranty is to 120K.

my issue is not with a seal. This is a transmission mount which I would consider part of the powertrain.

Am I mistaken ?
Well, I guess I'm the odd one out here since I would not consider the mount part of the power train. Where do you stop? the frame part the tranny mount mounts to? Are the motor mounts part of the power train etc .. I don't believe so. BTW, surely your argument is with the dealer, or the sales guy there, not MB Canada who are generally very good with taking care of problems ..... my experience

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Dealer is definatley the problem, but also reflection on MB Canada. After all its thier certification process that was to be followed and the dealer represents them as well. There was a lot of fingerpointing (dealer is franchise not corporate store etc. etc.)

"Are the motor mounts part of the power train etc .. I don't believe so"

I would agree if your talking the windshield washer motor mount. But an engine mount is a whole different story. Now if the frame part were the issue instead of the mount between the two then it better damn will be covered.

The problems with the hatch were
1. would not raise properly and squeaked during opening process (shocks replaced)
2. latch failed
3. would not raise properly

Carfax showed nothing. I'm thinking it was repaired without an insurance claim. Maybe previous owner backed into something.

Anyhow its done, like I said 1st and last one I'll own. I just want to keep the damn thing running smooth

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We discovered our Star Certified Benz was also repaired, and was not disclosed. As it was one of the dealer's own vehicles I fought it and got the warranty upgraded to ELW at their expense as compensation.

I too will NEVER buy another MB product. I find this B200 to be of marginal quality at best and has way too many fit and finish issues for a 4 year old vehicle with 65,000km on it. Add to that the service and parts cost, and the one month approval process to replace a leaking sunroof (and then they only replaced 2 panels, so I have a bi-coloured sunroof now) and I say no to MB in the future.

Aside from the B, anything they sell can be found at another manufacturer's lot, and even the B will have more competition as the C-Max and other tall hatches make their way over. Even the Golf and new Focus are solid competitors, far cheaper, and run on regular fuel.

Sorry about the rant. But the ownership experience of my Ford Escape is far superior. That is saying something right there. No warranty claim issues, quick while you wait oil change/tire rotation service in ExpressLane, and I'm allowed to have it rust checked without voiding the warranty.

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"We've got you covered" I will see about that how true is this when I pass the service dept.

So, here's my little story. I was almost close to buy Pre-owned Star Certified C300 from the dealer recently. So close, I was about to give them the void cheque. I did the test drive. surprisingly, I missed the feel of the luxury touch when I sit inside the C300 2014. Low mileage and low interest financing. I thought it was a good deal, low mileage, low APR financing plus the " Peace of mind" warranties. But I just found this "Star certified warranty" is becoming a hoax among themselves. Service dept told me directly, there is nothing much in the Star certified, not even the powertrain, But Mercedes website specifically mentioned , powertrain and "many components" are covered by star certified for 24months. When all is done, I went to the financing dept for pre-approving my loan and I have been told, I should upgrade to ELW for $2020 as star certified only covers powertrain. This brochure is sent by the sale consultant to convince me more to buy this car.
There are more about pre-owned star certified, if they truly stand by their words. Each vehicle should be inspected thoroughly respecting 150 point Inspection.

How your Mercedes-Benz achieves Certified status.

150-point Inspection.

Engine Test

From the intake to the exhaust, everything from belts and plugs to the ignition and emission systems is tested to make sure it is up to factory standards.

Highlights include:

All Emission Control Systems in Place & Functional. Read out DTC’s – repair as nec.
Spark Plugs
Fuel Injection System; Verify Lamda Reading
Ignition System; Including Routing of Ignition Wires
Air Cleaner/Filter
V-Belts and Poly-V-Belt
Heating & Ventilation Dust


Engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid and more are thoroughly checked and topped up or flushed and replaced as necessary.

Highlights include:

Engine Oil
Transmission Oil
Rear Axle Oil
Transfer Case and Front Axle Oils
Engine Compartment/Antifreeze Protection
Power Steering Fluid
Brake Fluid & Clutch Fluid
Windshield Washer Fluid(s)
Level Control Oil, ABC
AdBlue Fluid level & leak check

Electrical Systems

All electrical components, from the headlights to the tail lights and in between, the fuses, sound system, heated seats and rear window sunshade (if so equipped) get checked.

Highlights include:

KM Check; Indicators in Instrument Cluster
Dash Instruments, Clock, Illumination & Dimmer Control
Exterior Rear View Mirrors
Exterior Mirror Fold Back & Parking (tilt down) Functions
Interior Rear View Mirror
Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror Function
Rear Entertainment System Function
Night Vision System Function
CD Changer/Player
Bluetooth Function
Linguatronic Function
Heated / Ventilated / Massaging / Orthopedic Seats Function
Rear Window Defroster (Check Operation)
Rear Window Sunshade
Cornering Headlamps Swivel Function - Bi-Xenon


The steering, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires and driveshafts are checked to make sure they meet our standards.

Highlights include:

Drive shaft Flex Discs, Couplings & Center Support Bearing(s)
Exhaust System /Connections / supports
Parking Brake and Cables
Tire Wear (Incl. Spare)
Brake Lines
Remote Trunk Release
Tailgate Closing Assist
Sliding Roof Function, Drains and Headliner
Inspect Glass Roof for Scratches Corrective Action
Steering / Vehicle Handling / Centered Steering Wheel

Appearance Standards

A Mercedes-Benz Star Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is as free of dings, rips, scratches, and scuffs as we can make it, and we check the finish inside and out.

Highlights include:

Floor Mats
Buttons Knobs & Vents, Instrument Panel
Glass & Mirrors
Wood & Chrome Trim
Moisture & Odor
Dents & Scratches
Examine Paint
Examine & Clean Chrome
Glass & Mirror Housing
Trim & Moldings
Door Edges, Frames
Scuffs & Scratches
Cuts & Gouges
Wash & Polish

Safety, Security and Solidity

All of the systems designed to ensure your protection, from seat belts to the alarm system, are thoroughly inspected.

Highlights include:

Body Structure Inspection
Mechanical Locking with All Keys at All Points
Power Window Operation from All Points (Incl. Lockout)
Seat Belts – Condition/Operation
Roll Bar, Condition & Operation
Soft Top/ Hard Top & Seals; Condition /Operation
Check Fluid Level & Hydraulic Connections on applicable models
Front Seat Belt Extenders; Coupe and Cabriolet
Rear Headrest Retraction (up & down)

On Road Evaluation

An expert on-road assessment by factory-trained technicians is the final test to make sure the engine, transmission, steering, ride, handling and braking are up to factory standards, and instruments and control systems receive the same careful scrutiny.

Highlights include:

Instruments (Speedometer / Odometer / Trip Meter, etc.)
Navigation System Function (Start Route Guidance)
Steering / Vehicle Handling / Centered Steering Wheel
Braking System Performance, Parking Brake Operation
Automatic Climate Control: Cooling Performance/ Function/ Regulation/ Display
Rear Automatic Climate Control Function / Regulation / Display
Distronic / Distronic Plus Function
Blind Spot Assist Function
Lane Keeping Assist Function
Function of Dynamic Driving Seats (while driving)
Function of Parktronic/Park Assist
Rear View Camera Function
Vibration & Noise (Drivetrain / Wheels)
Transmission Shifting – (Upshift/ Downshift Quality & Kickdown)


The current car was almost due for B service. When I inquire about it, they told me I should bring the car and pay $600 plus taxes. Make sense if this has to be done after 10,000 kms-15,000 kms but not after few weeks buying this car. B service should have been clear during the 150 inspection points as it's part of the star certified program. It's like you are buying a refurbished based on the ads/promises plus the 24 months warranty. Whole inspection process looks like a 1 week labor job to me. If all of these are not inspected as promised, it's not a " Star Certified Car".

Make sure you verify "star certified warranty" before you buy it. Many things are hidden. Quite a hiccup for the "Best or nothing" sell. @Canada Stig @Mike Tee @DEVOURS @vanctour


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The whole inspection should take them an hour..most will be a "visual" inspection..and if things do come up and need to changed..expect a huge bill at the end..

This should have been done before the sale..
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