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This is a USA-market 1999 C280

The last several weeks the car has failed to start on several occasions, usually after a short drive, then being stopped for awhile. Example: start up cold, drive to market, stop, shop for 15 minutes, then when trying to start the car, it cranks fully but won't fire. After awhile it starts normally.

Today the car stalled in the street, and wouldn't start for 45 minutes.

ALSO, the MIL came on and the codes are:

P0173 Fuel trim malfuction, bank 2

P1747 Manufacturer Control Transmission.

I've been told the Crank Position Sensor will cause the no-start, but will it also trip these two codes?

Or could these two codes be causing the stalling/no-start issue?

Can someone tell me exactly where the CPS is located on this engine (V6 engine).


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CPS et. al.

All CPS are at the rear of the engine towards the top of the bell housing. There is a chance you have different problem. The MAF Mass Airflow Sensor can cause the car to die and restart, as well as throw false codes. If the problem gets progressivly worse or you start getting O2 codes as well, you may be looking at a bad MAF. If the car has the original MAF it's probably due anyway. Some times a bad coil will cause similar problems. This is a component that will drive you, or your mechanic crazy.:eek: Ours started out just like yours then got worse till it was not drivable within a week, all without ever throwing an MAF code. Plenty others, like it was blame throwing!:crybaby2:

Be sure and post your result.

Good Luck:thumbsup:

C as in 220

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My C280 has had stalling problems, as if the fuel is cut off. Replaced filter, pump, then found there was a fuel pump relay in the trunk's fuse box, not to be confused with the fuse box under the hood.

P/N is: 002 542 13 19, and some vendors add a 26 to the end of that number. Have ordered new Relay online, will post if this solves problem.

Engine light came on first, then when weather is over 85 degrees F outside, the car stalls!

Will turn over, but no fuel gets to the engine! Will start after engine cools down, but then will stall again upon getting too warm!
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