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Hey guys,

I have a 2005 CLK500 and I an interested in doing a 20" staggered setup on the vehicle. I know most on this forum only would do a 19" or smaller for that vehicle, but the particular wheels I like are only made in 20" and larger.

I have done some reasearch and have come up with the following setup:

20x8.5 wheels in the front (+35mm offset) with 235/30/20 Tires

20x10 wheels in the rear (+45mm offset) with 285/25/20 Tires.

The wheels I like are only made in the fitment listed above, so that is my only option.

I know that most who run 19's are using a 245/35/19 tire. This tire measures 25.75 inches in overall diameter. The 235/30/20 tire that I want to run has an overall diameter of 25.55 inches and will clear the front no problem.

The rear is the main area I'm worried about. I know some people run 19x10 on the rear of this vehicle, but I couldn't find any specs of 19x10 setups that work.

I know most run a 275/30/19 in the rear and that tires measures 25.50 inches. The 285/25/20 tire I want to run is 25.61 inches. That is only a difference of 0.11 inches so I think I should be ok. I just want to make sure that the +45mm offset with a 10" wide wheel will work ok in the rear of the CLK500.

I am aware of ride comfort issues, etc... so please only provide technical feedback about this setup and not opinion on ride, look, style, etc..

Thanks guys!
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