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Greetings --

My wife just purchased a nearly perfect 560 SL with 77K miles on the clock.

I am a Jaguar guy (with a little elderly BMW thrown in for good measure) and so I am a bit lost when it comes to this car (although I am extremely impressed with its build quality and design -- it's a great car!).

When we purchased the car it was fitted with a Momo wood steering wheel. The original wheel, with airbag, was in the trunk. As the original wheel was more to my wife's tastes -- and has an airbag -- I replaced it, and put the Momo for sale on eBay.

The SRS light never came on when the Momo wheel was fitted nor does it illuminate now. I had expected this. (I did disconnect the battery for a half-hour before connecting the airbag as recommended in a number of posts.)

Thus, either the bulb for the SRS light has been removed/disabled or the SRS control module (or another component) has been disconnected. I would suspect the latter, since, as far as I have been able to determine, getting to the warning lights in the instrument cluster is quite a challenge.

Any thoughts about what might have been disconnected, where the disconnected components are located, and anything else is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

-- Kevin

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You have already done the hardest part to access the bulb. Steering wheel removal. The cluster is fairly simple. I can usually remove it by hand. Here is the recommended way.

You might consider replacing the odometer gears too. $70.00 fix and you will need to do it eventually.

Welcome to the 107 asylum! Post a pic. when you get a chance and fill in your profile. You never know. A member here could be close.
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