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So I took my 2000 S430 to a local INDY MB shop and they stuck their StarDiag on it and it came up with this readout (attachment). They cleared the codes but they came right back. They were busy and of course wanted me to come back and drop off the car so they could fix it, but want to try to repair it myself.

First off, SRS refers to air bags AND seat belts, or just air bags???

Are there any troubleshooting tips to narrow down the issue? I know the teleaid controller is under rear seat, and I checked the data connector, and it was on tight ..... but I re-seated it just in case ...

In the event there was a seat belt issue, I blew out the all the seat belt locks that receive the buckle with electrical cleaner and compressed air - No Change.

Now for some advice of the people IN THE KNOW :D What troubleshooting steps would you do next? I have multi-meters and I am handy so point me in right direction and I will do it.