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SRS Code -9183 ETR squib resistance is too high

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My first post after I have been searching for a few days. This is a 2004 S500 4matic. Code is 9183 for the drivers buckle ETR squib resistance too high. I scanned it with the icarsoft MBII. Is shows a DTC status as stored. Should it say current and stored? This scanner does not seem to be able to clear these codes?

I pulled the seat belt buckle assembly and sent to MyAirBags in Georgia. They tested and said nothing wrong with it.

The squib wires are the two seperate ones in the yellow plug (yellow/black & yellow/red correct?

any advice??
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I got it figured out. I unplugged the squib and scanned it again. It then showed current & stored for the error. After plugging it back in the code went back to just stored. That told me my icarsoft MB II was not powerful enough to clear the code. I took it to a local shop that used and Autel scanner to clear it. All is good now.

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Could you point me at the info or thread to purchase the SDS stuff? I'm working on a 2009 E350 now with a bunch of SRS codes
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