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Squeaky fan

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It's driving me up the wall! I have a '93 model 320 TE with aircon. Works fine, trouble is it's started to squeak. Sometimes a little, sometimes not at all AND SOMETIMES LIKE THERE'S A DEMENTED BANSHEE IN THERE.
Is it a sealed bearing unit? Can I get to it in any sane manner or is it serious (and expensive) removal of everything for a man in a white coat to mutter at me then present a bill for serious amounts of money.
Any experiences?
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Does it only squeak when it rains or snows? It may be your Belt or Belt Tensioner Pulley
Hi colinb.

Do you mean squeak as in a wheelbarrow wheel? Or a screech like the good old v-fan-belts?

Most likely, you will have to swap the tensioner and belt. Piece of cake.


Now here's the thing ... there's no apparant rhyme or reason to it. Blasting the fan up to maximum then dropping it back to one or two sometimes does away with the problem. Sometimes it sits there all quiet and peaceful doing what a good air con should do, then it has a day or two when it wreaks havoc with my otherwise peaceful life behind the wheel. It's that sort of problem that just when you begin to lose patience and make another downpayment on my spannerman's next AMG it suddenly behaves. Does that sound like a belt to you?

My baby had the same symptoms recently. Just like yours. What I did was swap the belt and put in a new Febi Bilstein tensioner witn a new adjusting bolt.

That made her shut up pretty good. Some change only the wheel, but I would do that only in a car in bad overall shape. Not in someones baby.


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