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sprinter 216 gearbox problem
Hi I have a problem with my sprinter 216 year 2000, sprintershift 6 gears.
The first time happen when the gearbox fuse start burn ( 40Amp). I replace the fuse and the car was ok but few hours burn another one so I'd replace quite a few, then I went to the garage and him replace the relay after few weeks the fuse start burn again and him said that the problem is the gearbox control unit that could cost me £500, he did some thing with another motor as well which was cleaning the brushes and replace the fuse of 40Amp for one of 60Amp, since that I don't have any problem with fuse burn, but after few weeks my car start stop the gear when I press the accelerator a bit harder, ex: when I am going uphill or on motor way I have to drive very slow otherwise the gear doesn't go down or up and consequently make the engineer stop. When this happen the I start the engineer again but the gear start pull out when is uphill, I have to wait few minute then become ok again. And another problem is after all this happen I few a lack of power that is make me afraid to press the accelerator pedal hard.
Please help me because I don't want sell this car for a scrap
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