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Hi all,

Sorry for the whining first post !!

I have a 2015 CDI516 sprinter 2.1 diesel has been going into limp mode regularly for over 2 years.
It has been back into Merc dozens of times with zero result....we have spent thousands on it and it is still the same.....even though it has now been to 5 different dealers in this time.......I am ready to burn it !!!!
on my DAS scanner it reports "P226300 The Boost Pressure Deviates from the Specified Value"
So far it has had the inlet gasket resealed, new turbo charger assembly, new DPF filter assembly plus others.....its a money pit.....if I cancel the fault codes it goes back into limp mode after around 20kms max, but sometimes it goes in after 3kms....its just random.......sometimes the engine warning light flashes, sometimes its solid......the only thing constant is me driving down the freeway at between 20 and 90kms per hour.....very dangerous.
Where can I get a list of the Specified values that I can look at to compare to what the scanner is telling me......things like the exhaust back pressure seem high at 3.4 Bar etc.......I cant even find how much boost it should produce.....

Cheers and thanks for any help you can give me

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