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Hi Everyone,
This is my first thread so i'll keep it as brief as possible.
I have a 2004 motorhome with a Sprinter 416 CDi chassis. LHD 28000miles
I was taking her to fill up with diesel when i stalled the engine. Tried to restart, no lights on the dashboard except the SRS light. Had no tools with me so left until the next day. Discovered a dead short between +ve & -ve on the battery terminals. Also found a fuselink for the motorhome circuit blown, but this is because the batteries were set in parallel. I left the motorhome side of things isolated. Traced faulty cable to the glow plug relay unit under the battery tray. Checked the glow plugs - all ok (0.6 ohms each ).
Got fleeced £122-00 from Mercedes for a new relay unit (apparently the original unit has been improved now, as it was a known fault !).
I also found that the Engine battery had been damaged beyond repair ( 0v & blew a fuse when i tried to charge it ). I installed a new battery and turned the ignition key. The lights come on (hooray!! ), the glow plugs are working, then the dashboard lights flicker, and the sequence starts again. i can hear something energising under the bonnet each cycle for a bout 2 seconds, but i can't work out what it is or why it is happening. Anyone had similar problems or can help with some advice?
many thanks in advance, Simon
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