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I wonder if anyone has any ideas on this one, My 2001, 311CDI sprinter seems to go into a reduced power mode shortly after beginning a journey. This is extremely predictable, starting it will rev to 4000 rpm and has loads of power between 2500 and 4000 rpm. After 3-5 mins it will only rev to 3200 rpm. Its not heat related as if you turn off the ignition, at traffic lights for instance, it’ll get 4000 rpm again for a minute or so.
It’s the model with separate temp and pressure sensors instead of a MAF sensor, both have been changed, the clutch switch and brakelight switch have been changed as these showed faults. The turbo was worn and weeping some oil onto the temp and pressure sensors so this has also been changed.
My local garage says there are no other faults showing.
Anyone any ideas?
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