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Sprinter 209CDI 2008 - Engine cut out - Yaw rate sensor?

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Hi guys,

I have a 2008 Auto Sprinter 209 CDI, which is having some issues, it is a long story but to cut it short.....

Last summer i went travelling Eastern Europe, whilst in Albania ( 40 degrees! ) i had a major auto gear malfunction. It turns out the wiring was melted and shorting as it was resting on part of the exhaust, this was fixed and problem solved ( For the equivalent of £10 :D ) , or so i thought.

Intermittently since then I have had the ESP light come on sometimes with the tyre light and always the high beam ( blue light ). Also some of these times the engine cuts out completely, leaving me with no power assisted steering and in some crappy situations.

I am lucky enough to have access to a Star system ( although i dont know much about it ) which is giving me the following :

And apparent possible fixes as below ...

What do you guys think? Sensor fried, Wiring issue or some other issue not mentioned by STAR?

Any and all help in diagnosing and solving this will be most welcome, cheers in advance.

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