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Hi - I'm new to the forum, but not new at repairing vehicles - mainly cars of all sorts.
However I have a customer with 2x Sprinters and another person today called with a Sprinter and all have the same fault which at the moment has me stumped.

All 3 vans are about 2010 and all have a wheel speed sensor showing a front wheel travelling at probably 25% less speed than all the other 3
This of course eventually lists a fault as implausible.

Originally when presented with the first 2 Sprinters I opted to fit an after market wheel speed sensor to save the customer money, which after beating myself up was then replaced for a Mercedes part. But, still the same slower reading.
Next was a replacement wheel bearing, thinking that there may be different amounts of segments in the magnetic ring (of which I didn't see the expected magnetic ring on the bearing, so was confused how it worked anyway) - But yet again viewing with live data had slower wheel rotation speed. (steady reading not bouncing around)

Now this 3rd Sprinter has just turned up on my doorstep, (which has had a wheel speed sensor fitted by someone else).

What am I missing here??
Why is the reported rotation and air gap in live data stating OK, yet reading 25% of the other 3 wheels??
Any one come across this before and solved the problem or have a theory I can explore.
Thanks in advance.
Will H
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