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Springs- anyone replaced them?

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I have a 1998 S500 with 62,000 miles and have recently done the arms in the front and the struts and accumulator in the rear. The ride is much better but I still get thumps over bumps and I feel the suspension can be better. I'm sure the car was better when new.
The springs have been holding the car up for 10 years...will replacing them help? Anyone done this?
My reapair guy who is a Mercedes specialist originally said the the struts were dry and looked good. When I complained he put in new ones with the accululator. Rode much better after doing this. I'm very picky and live in New York where bumps are a problem.
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in cars with SLS, you can still remove the SLS crap and install bilstein rears + oem springs from the MB dealer (look for my FAQ post under the database section). Rides just as nice as SLS, afterall, it's all OEM MB stuff

I am gonna do the H&R route this summer though.. I could use that 1.3" drop.. car looks too jacked up in the front
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