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Springs and pads question...Do I or Dont I?

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Fellas, got a question, I am looking at putting Eibach sport springs spring on my car to lower it a bit, and from what I have been reading on here most of you guys have also changed your spring pads also, do I need to change my spring pads if I put the Eibach sport springs on? and also whay I have your attention, I am also looking at putting 19's on my ride also, my question their is Is their a recommended size tires for 19's or is it a matter of preference, I see most of you guys use 235's up front and 265's in the rear would it be fine to do like a 255 0r 245 in the rear?
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i don't know about the pads i assume you might as well change both while your at it.. but the rear tires you could go with a 245 or 55 it's just preference.. wider tires just give it a more staggered and aggressive look.. and a lil performance but it's all preference. sometime if you go with a smaller tire the rims will be wider than the wheel
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