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Springs and pads question...Do I or Dont I?

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Fellas, got a question, I am looking at putting Eibach sport springs spring on my car to lower it a bit, and from what I have been reading on here most of you guys have also changed your spring pads also, do I need to change my spring pads if I put the Eibach sport springs on? and also whay I have your attention, I am also looking at putting 19's on my ride also, my question their is Is their a recommended size tires for 19's or is it a matter of preference, I see most of you guys use 235's up front and 265's in the rear would it be fine to do like a 255 0r 245 in the rear?
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The spring pads are a question of personal taste. Changing the stock #5 pads to e-class #1's (5mm) will lower the front an extra inch and even out the wheel gap after you add the lowering springs. Our cars sit lower naturally in the back (even though it sits on stock #3 (9mm) pads, so the front appears to sit too high on the stock pads. I don't know why Mercedes did it this way, but the smaller spring pads make a dramatic visual difference without sacrificing a great deal of ride quality.

As for the tires, 265/35/19 is the closest diameter to the stock wheel/tire combination. Using a different size will likely change the accuracy of your speedometer. Besides, the bigger tires look dope.
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