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Spring Perches

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I live in Vancouver BC and I'm the second owner of a 1999 e 320 with 14000 KMS on it. I purchased the car 1 year ago and it spent it's life in Calgary Alberta. I've been reading horror stories about spring perches rusting and failing on a lot of these vehicals and I'm worried because my 17 year old son drives the car most of the time. The car is parked now( because I'm doing a couple of minor repairs to it) so I removed the front wheels and inspected the perches for signs of rust. The only thing I could see was the sealant seems to be intact with no signs of rust on either side but apparently the problem cannot be seen unless the sealant is removed for inspection. Should I remove the sealant and inspect them or leave them alone and inspect them annualy. If they are rusted and I replace them, where would I puchase the spring perches (I think OhLord said they don't weld them on any more they rivet them on instead) and the sealant to fix them.
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My 12 years old car with 225k has no corrosion even it spend most of its life in snow belt. I've been checking the perches at each work in the area and never feel the need to peel off the mastic. All I need is 20 more years out of them.
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