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That is right.. Time for another Benz Fest since the one I put together in november 07 is just wearing off an we are all itching for another (pics from the last

Right now we have a date and somewhat of a location

March 30,2008

Orlando, FL ,at downey park (corner of SR50 and dean rd) on sunday mar 30. Starting 1130ish

So if you are interested add your name to the list and what you will be driving.

Its more or less going to be a show n shine and I will put details about lunch later. (We might bring a grill, make it a pot luck, or all cruise to a restaurant or something fun and family oriented for everyone)

so lets make it great like last time. Plus for those by Tampa and my area we can meet up and cruise to the GTG.

The List

TheDon - 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo

Requesting an announcement for more coverage of this.
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