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Re: ok i just took a simple look there is no emblems on the car. the interior has no

ok i just took a simple look there is no emblems on the car. the interior has no "special" embordory, or "sportline" logo if you will. so i take it its not, but i still love her.i payed $1,900(u.s.) she has 270,000 miles on her...people are telling me that got ripped off, but i dont think so b/cause they last much longer and from what i read its just barely broken in right?....there isnt a scratch on it or rust. the regsitry of motor vehicles said it was worth $4,700(u.s.)-(book-value). does it sound about right? i think it was a good deal the past owner took great care with it. i have a list of every oil change and what-not. so i know exactly what has been done and needs to be done.

-thanks guys(and girls)

I've seen a few with lower mileage go for around that same price. I don't know what year your car is, but for that price, I would expect @ 1986-1988. 270K is a LOT of miles, even for an MB. This car is well beyond "just broken in". Personally, I would not have paid over $1000 for a 190 with that many miles on it (unless it was a Cosworth or AMG). $4500 is way out of line for that high mileage - even for a dealership. But if you know the service history and were able to look at the condition....

Has the engine or transmission ever been rebuilt or replaced? If not, you may be looking at that sooner rather than later. As long as all of the scheduled maintenance was done and all repairs were made by a good mechanic, you should be alright for a while.
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