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Spongy Front

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I was surprised when I bought my used '15 GLK350, Base, with 52k miles how the front suspension let's the car dip and dive in corners. Is that normal, I have never driven another. I have done some research into swaybar bushings, with no luck. On other cars I have installed polyurethane bushings that tightened this kind of sway. I have seen ads for the links between The bars and suspension, but I don't know if swapping them cures anything ? Does anyone have any comments about improving the handling by firming this area?

Thanks for any or all changes to cure this issue?
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OK, my bad. After 9 months and thousands of miles I think I identified my issue. Buying the car, albeit used, from a MB dealer "who had checked everything out and having it inspected in my home state at another MB dealer", the other day I was curious about tire pressure. I often look at the dash readout and happily the tire pressure has remained the same as when I picked the car up. HOWEVER, I hadn't looked at the recommended tire pressures on the door jam. I have been driving all that time at 28psi. So, I raised the front to 36 and the rear to 41, cold temperatures. WOW, the car holds the road much better, doesn't have the body roll like it did and while I feel bumps and small potholes a little more, the ride is much softer than my sl550 (lowered, 20" tires, wide rims) was. I know, vehicle maintenance 101, but each vehicle is unique and I didn't do my research properly.
And today on the Interstate at 80, on the flat, middle section I could actually let go of the wheel for quite a while. Not at 28psi!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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