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Spongy Front

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I was surprised when I bought my used '15 GLK350, Base, with 52k miles how the front suspension let's the car dip and dive in corners. Is that normal, I have never driven another. I have done some research into swaybar bushings, with no luck. On other cars I have installed polyurethane bushings that tightened this kind of sway. I have seen ads for the links between The bars and suspension, but I don't know if swapping them cures anything ? Does anyone have any comments about improving the handling by firming this area?

Thanks for any or all changes to cure this issue?
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And today on the Interstate at 80, on the flat, middle section I could actually let go of the wheel for quite a while. Not at 28psi!
35/41 is for maximum load. 33/33 is for normal load. The sticker on the front door jam only shows the max. load pressures. If you look at the sticker on the gas filler door, it shows both normal and max. load pressures. You might try the 33/33, since it does give a better ride and handles about the same.
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