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Hi all

I have just registered on this website though I am a member of www.*************

I am on this forum to see if anyone has had similar experiences to mine and whether you have any suggestions

To begin with- I am based in UK and have UK specs SLK200 R171 which I am exporting to Australia.

The speedometer (dial) has a small "MPH" light lit and as expected the needle moves to show speed accordingly.

Recently I got an Independant Merc garage to change the speedo to show in KPH. So the backlight "KPH" was lit and needle showed speed in KPH. The lower digital display showed speed in MPH

One morning I noticed that the small light on the dial has changed back to "MPH" while the needle moved showing speed in "KMH" (ie imagine me driving at 30 miles per hour - the needle was pointing to 50 and the back light was showing mph). the lower digital display was showing MPH as well

I then went to Merc dealer- they got a new Datacard and SCN number. but the problem still persist.

When I change the units to kilometeres-
Backlight - KPH
Needle- MPH
Lower digital display - MPH

When I change the Units to Miles:
Backlight- MPH
Needle- KPH
lower digital display - KPH

Hence the backlight and needle are out of sync!

Here are few pictures to show:


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