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speedometer dials

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Would the dial from a speedometer from a different model Benz fork in an 560sl? In other words, if you found a perfect speedometer face in a 560se and removed the face (Obviously dissembling the whole speedometer cluster) would it be the same size and work? Mine is badly faded, but maybe that would work??? Thoughts??? It would be labor intensive but I don't mind that.
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Can't speak specifically to your question, but when I transplanted a 617 diesel into my 107, the tach wouldnt work - diesels use a VR pickup for a signal while gassers use an ignition signal. Even though the actual modules are different, they screwed right in without modification. Now the sweep of the tach face was also different (gassers rev higher) and that wouldn't swap right in but with just a bit of trimming I was able to epoxy the diesel tach face over the original one and since the bezel covers the outer edges of the face, there is no visual clue that anything is different.

So I would check the sweep of the other speedometer face and if it's the same you might be able to use my trick to get the job done.

There used to be someone that produced new faces for gauges. They were printed on vinyl and would stick over the face...mostly to emulate AMG faces or change to black on white scheme. If you're handy with photoshop and could source the proper substrate that might be a solution too.

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The dial needles are very delicate. Any tips on how to remove them and reinstall?
Easy peasy....use two spoons, one on either side of the needle center and pry. Use a bit of paper towel between the spoon and face as insurance against scratching. They will often pop and shoot across the room.

To reinstall, place on the shaft and very lightly tap it back on.

Make sure you note the rest position of the needle so you can reinstall properly clocked. The rest position may be on the opposite side of the stop pin, so be aware.
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