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Speedo cable change

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It seems that the speedo cable is attached to the tranny right behind the large vibration damper (I think only LWB's have this damper). The damper makes it very tricky to open and change the cable.

Has anyone done this and did you figure any good tips that you could share? How tricky is it to remove the damper?

Now since I have the 6.17 gears installed, the speedo is useful again (closer to what my actual speed might be) and I'd like to connect the cable again. Only my old cable is so bad that it needs to be changed first.

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you need to remove the rear driveshaft from its connection to the t-case. you don't have to remove it from the axle, just hang it out of the way.

then you can get to that big nut on the cable.

you should also, while your're at it, check to make sure you don't have any speedo drive gear leaks (easy gasket to replace while you are in there).

you'll get t-case fluid running out the top of your speedo cable and on your fuse box if you don't make sure it is well sealed
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