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98 ML320
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Hi, I have a 98 ML320 and am getting the following installed.

Alpine 10 inch Type R Sub
Alpine V-12 Amp 300 series (300 watts RMS) 1000 W max
JVC KD LH 1000

I would like to know what type of wiring do I need to get for my car (8 gauge or 4 gauge)? Will I notice a difference to justify the cost difference between the two wire types? I do plan to change the speakers later on, but dont plan to get a second amp for the speakers alone.

Also, should I have any concerns for radio reception with the new deck?

Second also, will the car vibrate to death and will I need anything to stop that? Dynamat is very expensive, are there any cheaper yet effective alternatives?

Finally, will I need any adapters?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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get a 4 gauge. to answer the question since you are only doing 300 watts rms it probably w...

get a 4 gauge. to answer the question since you are only doing 300 watts rms it probably won't. but 4 Ga is a lil more so i'd do that. bigger wires flow more juice. so if u attempt to use a 18 ga as a power wire it will burn!!

also a 4 Ga for the whole system. if u use a 8 ga as ground, the whole system will only flow as much as the 8 ga will.

and the pricier wires claim that higher strand counts makes better flow. but it will only help the flexibility of the wire. the flow will be the same.

make sure to fuse it about a foot from the battery. and get the correct type of fuse. buying one of those install kits whould give you everything you need, but make sure u have the correct fuse.

also make sure you don't use some cheap wire for the wire to the subs.

as for vibration, you might. but i'd wait and see first since you don't drive a honda civic you might not get any. and the alt to dynamats including brands called brown bread, spray on sound dampners (smelly for a few days), or cheap tar roofing material (works great!)

and you will need an adapter to plug in the factory harness. unless you want to splice them., and radio reception should be fine with the new deck. i never had problems changing to aftermarket.

good luck
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