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´96 SL500 R129, ´03 A140 W168
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Hi everyone!

I´m changing the doors speakers on my 96 SL500. The tweeters work but the woofers don´t (whater damage both of them, I guess) The rest of the system (y don´t have the rear speakers a subwoofer, seats instead) is working fine, I checked it.

The thing is I want to reuse a couple of Focal speakers I already have, but I found that the position of the mounting screws is far away in the doors support that the average non-bose-mercedes speakers have...

I Have found some ring adapters:

ebay 1

ebay 2

I think they look pretty similar. Although they are not specifically marked to fit in the R129, does anyone experience on this kind of adapters?

I have also ordered (they didn´t have in stock) something similar in a workshop near home, but they are for the R170, and have only 3 (instead of four) holes for attaching it to the door...

Any help is very appreciated! :) Thank you, Borja.
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