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Sparkplugs!!! Not Bosch! Only Champion.

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For these of you having fun with Bosch spark plugs:

Bosch plugs are weird - I had my wires and plugs replaced recently and still the car had some moments I would say it's fouling a little bit.

Today I finally dumped my second set of new fouling Bosch sparkplug set.

I put in the Champion Copper Plus 302 (N11YC) and my car drives stronger and noticeably smoother.

No more Bosch!!!

I recommend Champions to anyone here.
I gapped mine 0.34 inch. I am indeed very surprised.
The difference is HUGE.

And the cost is $1.19 EACH. It is so cheap!
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What Bosch plugs did you have? If they were platinum ones, they wont work right because they have resistors. (nor will any other resistor plug) They tried to give me those at Kragen once.
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