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Sparkplugs!!! Not Bosch! Only Champion.

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For these of you having fun with Bosch spark plugs:

Bosch plugs are weird - I had my wires and plugs replaced recently and still the car had some moments I would say it's fouling a little bit.

Today I finally dumped my second set of new fouling Bosch sparkplug set.

I put in the Champion Copper Plus 302 (N11YC) and my car drives stronger and noticeably smoother.

No more Bosch!!!

I recommend Champions to anyone here.
I gapped mine 0.34 inch. I am indeed very surprised.
The difference is HUGE.

And the cost is $1.19 EACH. It is so cheap!
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I've run Bosch plugs in All my MB's w/ excellent results. It is true, the M117/116's hate platinum plugs.. In my 560's the W9DCO's gapped at 42 gives me excellent results.
All the cars I work on I've installed Bosch as well, no problems as of yet and I can only imagine how many 100's of plugs that is!

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