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Spark Plugs

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Hey all,
Does anyone have a guide as to how to change the spark plugs on the E220? I'm hoping to DIY this job and have never done it before..
Also, what spark plugs do these engines use?
I heard they use Bosch... But which ones?

Any advice is greatly appreciated
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You need to be very careful as you pull out the spark plug leads - they tend to get stuck in there over time, so don't use force. Just keep rocking and turning the stuck lead gently from side to side, and never pull at the wire itself.
You need a long 16mm socket wrench, a 1/2 extension and a ratchet, and a pointed-nose plier to grab the plugs after you unscrew them.
I think the spark plugs for your engine are Bosch H9DC, but I could be wrong. Check with Bosch website.

hope this helps,
Bosch H9DCO is also a good plug to use. The copper electrode is larger than the H9DC plug.
Shady was pretty close, they are H9DCO (bosch)
Factory sometimes uses BERU as O.E. plugs
I have had good luck w/BERU Silverstone plugs
My fuel economy has increased with these plugs.
Has anybody tried irridium plugs on the MB?

be careful on what spark plugs do you choose because eaven if you buy the same mark, they are different. and that means that the working temparatures is different, starting from cold to hot. but you must have a sticker placed in the engine compartiment that shows you what kind of spark plugs can you use.
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