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Spark plug Wire loom routing

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Can someone tell me how to successfully route the spark plug wires of my 2.6 to hide them under the cover which goes on the valve cover?Pics would help greatly...
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There was a DIY for this in the W124 section. The guy used double-sided mounting tape and I've seen quite a few cars use electrical tape. I didn't want to do all that and just did it intuitively, but some overlap is inevitable.

Getting a new cover will help. If your old one has been popped open a few times, it may not stay closed. Mine wouldn't. It's also important to have the 90deg sockets on the distr side oriented in the correct way so minimize the height at the front where they all coincide. Dolucasi, if you don't mind take and post a pic of that too while you're at it. Looks like cowlick on Medusa's head when they're all right.

Just remembered I shot a pic of one at the JY when I was having problems getting mine to sit right. Cover was perfectly flat on this car, no tape, sitting in the channel on the valve cover... gently.

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